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Seguiamo il visitatore in ogni sua esigenza e siamo in grado di risolvere anche quelle necessità che si dovessero presentare all’ improvviso, perché sappiamo come e dove andare a ricercare la giusta soluzione.

Scholastic Tourism

Scholastic Tourism represents for the destinations that want to extend their high season, since decades, an important source of economic development for the whole sector of activities involved. Not to be underestimated is also the possibility to extend, making the destination known to kids and teachers, the clientele also in the classic summer period, making the first step for a natural turnaround of guests, given their typical propensity to change destination every year. Whom, for unknown reasons to me, waives scholastic tourism will undoubtetly see decrease also its business also during summer season, in the long run. I am glad to have met the consent among some local accomodation facilities and their management to host guests of every age and I’m sure this will also help their finance in the future.

This project, started with the skepticism of many, revealed itself what I always thought to be one of the necessary steps to do tourism at 360 degrees, and start to evaluate the importance and necessity if really willing to “do” tourism rather than “endure” tourism. We’re all sure that this project will develop, definitely thanks to Flor TO, but also thanks to the stubborness of whom, like myself, never believed an accomodation facility or a destination could survive with revenues coming from only 2 months of business, and not being forced to bleed dry the source of its wealth, the tourist, forced to pay high prices for sub-standard level of services. True wealth is reached by extending the operational and revenue times through the year, and above all respecting the guest figure, of any age, provenience and social class. Is it hard? Sure it is, but only possible if understood that every fruit is the consequence of what has been sown.

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