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Seguiamo il visitatore in ogni sua esigenza e siamo in grado di risolvere anche quelle necessità che si dovessero presentare all’ improvviso, perché sappiamo come e dove andare a ricercare la giusta soluzione.

Cilento: an emotion to live!

It’s hard to find a territory where history mixes so well with one of the aspect of contemporary world, Tourism, transforming it into a unique experience for whom is willing to live it. This territory is Cilento!

It extends itself from the plain lands of Paestum to Sapri, with a morphology which varies from tall mountains to rocky coasts. The sea hids a marine life in its depth which makes the fortune of whom has the luck to see and photograph it. This territory has seen, through the history, civilizations from pre-historic to modern era. Places like Paestum and Velia with their ruins from Greek and Roman times, Roscigno Vecchia, San Severino di Centola and its medieval borough, Palinuro and its coastline, Camerota with its Saracen towers, and many more are signs of the story and traditions of Cilento. Visitors will have the opportunity to live an experience far more interesting than the soul-less which are so common nowadays, but will have the chance to see and admire things that never would have imagined all together in a single territory. Cilento gives the emotion of new discoveries, surprise for the innate sense of hospitality of its people, and the certainty that coming back again and again there will always be something new and amazing to see. Cilento is part of the largest protected area in Italy, the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni (Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e degli Alburni – PNCVDA), together with the protected marine areas of Punta Licosa, Masseta and Infreschi (between Marina di Camerota and Palinuro).

For trekking lovers, National Park area is a paradise to discover, starting from the coast up to Mount Cervati (approx. 1900mt usl), through a huge variety of flora and fauna, from sparrows to royal eagles, from typically mediterranean to tall mountain trees. Cilento has seen various ethnicities pass by through the centuries, and all of them left a legacy to the territory; examples are the medieval towns build on the hills facing the mediterranean sea, or the numerous traditions and recipes which still today are part of the local culture.

Discovering Cilento is not easy nor doable in a single trip; it’s preferred to come back again and again to really feel the soul of this territory. For cuisine lovers, we know today that the famous Mediterranean Diet has been inspired by and invented in Cilento. We can definitely say that Cilento is a unique reality in the Italian huge and various touristic offer, which is worth a visit as it keeps in itself something primitive and irrational in the management of its resources.

Who loves to know, will love Cilento!

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