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Casaletto Spartano

General Info

Casaletto Spartano is a Municipality of approx. 1400 people, in the province of Salerno in Campania Region.

Of medieval origins, the village development around the ancient borough called “Spartoso” which can be the origin of the name Spartano; the abandon of the old center, according to the legend, was due to an ant invasion.

Most likely the original center of the village was founded at the valley of Mount Difesa, as the place was rich of water, due to the presence of numerous water springs and a small river; the first document which can give a more precise age to the village is a small lapidus now located inside the Church of St.Nicholas which  dates the consecration of the same, and reports the year 1177AD.

The name “Casaletto”, instead, comes from “Casale” (farmhouse/hamlet); infact Casalecti was, during medieval age, together with Bactalearum (today Battaglia), a farmhouse of the lands of Tortorella.

In 1656 the area was, like the entire southern Italy, hit by plague, which reduced the population of at least 50%; the unification of the territories of Casaletto and Battaglia came later in 1810 due to the will of French general Charles Antoine Manhes whom, appointed by the King of Naples Gioacchino Murat, had the duty of solving the issue of banditry in the reign; once in the area, he ordered to prepare food and tools for his army but the mayor, willingly or due to real lack of means, didn’t fulfill the request and was accused to  be a traitor and then executed, ordering immediately after to re-unite Casaletto and Battaglia, and to the mayor of Battaglia to move to Casaletto, from that moment onwards in command for the Municipality.

Today, the Municipality of Casaletto Spartano is formed by the town and the hamlet of Battaglia, plus a variety of small rural contradas on the territory that is approx. 70km2; Casaletto and Battaglia are divided by the river Rio di Casaletto and connected to each other through some paths.

From 1811 until 1860 Casaletto has been part of the Distric of Vibonati, part of District of Sala of the Reign of Two Sicilies, same from 1861 until 1927 under the Reign of Italy. comune ha recentemente deliberato per il referendum correlato al Progetto Grande Lucania.

Monuments and Places to visit

“Il Capello” – “The Hair”

The most representative location in Casaletto is definitely Il Capello; this area is part of a water spring complex characterised by a high ambiental value, and takes its name from the waterfall called I Capelli di Venere (Venus’ Hair), called this way due to the growth in this venue of the plant called Capelvenere.

Close to the waterfall can be found also a well conserved watermill and the ruins of a building called “sorgitore” (Sourcer) which consents the deviation of the waters coming from the springs to the watermill and the river. Capello also includes a series of pathways which make possible to visit different panoramic locations that water streaming creates along its way.

Natural Areas

In the past, the need of communicating and moving from an area to another in the territories of the Municipality of Casaletto Spartano saw the creation of numerous rural pathways; among the most important ones there is the religious one called “Delle Rocche”, and the one which links Capello with the watermill.

The main characteristic of these paths is that they’re developed along the Rio Casaletto, passing through uncontaminated areas close to the water course; there are also karstic caves, which are almost untouched by human, and visitable only by experts and only in specific periods of time.

Prodotti tipici


Prosciutto Casalettano

Piatto unico

A ‘Mnestra ‘Mmaretata - la minestra sposata


Frittelle con le acciughe

Piatto unico

Le rospe





Strada Provinciale 16 Strada Provinciale 16 Innesto Statale Bussentina-Caselle in Pittari-Casaletto Spartano-Torraca-Sapri.
Strada Provinciale 349 Strada Provinciale 349 Battaglia-Casa Le Chiappe.


Treno Stazione di Casaletto Spartano-Battaglia sulla Ferrovia Sicignano degli Alburni-Lagonegro (Servizio sostitutivo con bus).


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