Cilento for you

Seguiamo il visitatore in ogni sua esigenza e siamo in grado di risolvere anche quelle necessità che si dovessero presentare all’ improvviso, perché sappiamo come e dove andare a ricercare la giusta soluzione.

Who we are

I’m a 65 years old who has spent his life in Tourism business, knowing all its practical aspects aimed at reaching targets of high quality products and offers, and excellent relationships with guests. Cilento For You IS NOT a travel agency as we don’t cooperate with local operators on a commission-based profit scheme, but only and exclusively with whom desires to grow and develop professionally, also through extending the high-season.

Cilento For You is a valid support for those travel agencies that, despite past issues with unprofessional local operators, wish to propose the destination Cilento, knowing that the structures and services offered by CFY respect the requested characteristics. We are not an added cost, but an added value; we are proud to have as loyal clients numerous travel agencies, tour operators, corporations, etc…

Our services:

  • Consultancy for accomodations (Hotels, B&Bs, touristic villages, etc…), for internal organization aiming at business volume/revenue increase.
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