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Seguiamo il visitatore in ogni sua esigenza e siamo in grado di risolvere anche quelle necessità che si dovessero presentare all’ improvviso, perché sappiamo come e dove andare a ricercare la giusta soluzione.

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Thanks to the size and morphology of the territory, which starts from the sea up to the highest mountain of the Region Campania, going through the largest National Park in Italy and two among the most important Marine Reserves, Cilento is able to welcome the most diversified typologies of visitors and wishes that everybody, before loving it, will respect it. Cilento and its culture is the paradise of the simpliest but tastiest gastronomy: the famous Mediterranean Diet was first conceived in Pioppi, a small village close to Acciaroli, and is today known worldwide for the equilibrium of its principles and nutritional values. The National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni is a great destination for trekking and naturalism lovers; the medieval towns which form a crown on the hilltops above the coastline deserve to be visited to know the simplicity and hospitality of its inhabitants, and the beauty that characterizes them. Streams and rivers are ready to welcome rafting lovers, while the numerous caves can be the starting point of fully-secure guided speleological routes.

Many ask why a territory with such a rich touristic offer is so poor of visitors: this question should be forwarded to whom believes to politically manage well our territory, though ignoring what really means living in a touristic-valuable territory.

Seaside Tourism

The over 80kms of coastline, all different for typology and habitat, offer uncontaminated rocky and sandy beaches; since decades, many of these beaches are nationally and internationally recognized for the beauty and the offered facilities, through Blue Flags (13 to 20 yearly) and Legambiente’s Sails. The choice on which sea to dive is on you!

Naturalistic Tourism

Most of Cilento territory falls under the support and protection of the National Park which, together with the territories of Vallo di Diano and Alburni mountains, and the Marine Reserves of Punta Licosa, Masseta and Baia Infreschi, form the Italy’s largest National Park. Clearly, in such a contest, nature dominates in every corner, also the most hidden, giving the opportunity to discover a vegetation of hundreds of different colors and scents which, especially during spring, give the best of itself.

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Naturalistic Trekking

Trekking is, since long time thanks to the arrival of the first german and dutch tourists passionates in our territory, source of always more numerous visits by lovers of long walks, from the easiest to the most complicated ones, but always offering great appeal. At Cilento For You we do search the most expert guides for all levels of itineraries in Cilento, and you’ll be able to discover, in full safety, every corner and grandeur Cilento has for you.

Trekking in Cilento allows, more than in other regions, to walk through paths crossed by ancient populations and cultures and be able to meet the rests of these cultures: basilian churches, roman fortresses, the paths of rebels during the cilentanean riots of 1820’s, statues carved in the rock, sancturaries built inside caves, countryside homes where originate some of the most famous local gastronomical products like the cacio-ricotta, dried figs and many more. It will be an explorative trekking, but again not only under the naturalistic point of view, but also and maybe above all under the cultural and historic point of view.

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Diving is, thanks to the pureness and variety of the cilentanean seabeds, without a doubt one of the most attractive activities for visitors, especially during lower seasons. The two Marine Reserves of Masseta and Punta Licosa, together with the underwater grottos of Cape Palinuro, thanks to the presence of a rich fauna made also of rare species and uncontaminated seabeds, are privileged destinations for the diving lovers. Diving schools and local associations of underwater sports are numerous in Cilento, and able to assist expert and newbies in the search of a different, but fascinating, type of tourism.

Gastronomical Tourism

Cilento, home of the Mediterranean Diet, has in gastronomy the strenght of satisfying all tastes through easy but tasty recipes. In every small village you will be able to try a local dish, or also order the same you got in another village, which will be prepared in a different way; this happens because the traditions and historical and cultural inputs have been different, in some case deeply different, even between closeby areas. Main products of the cilentanean cuisine are: the chickpeas of Cicerale, the beans of Controne, the White fig of Cilento, the pork soppressata of Gioi, the white artichoke of Pertosa, and many others. Since a few years, a new culture of wine is also developing in Cilento; before, all productions were family-made and family consumed, regardless of the types of grapes available and their characteristics. Today instead, there is a much larger production of DOC and DOCG labeled wines; same happened with extra virgin olive oils, which lately reached top quality levels in terms of production standards and product quality.

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