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Seguiamo il visitatore in ogni sua esigenza e siamo in grado di risolvere anche quelle necessità che si dovessero presentare all’ improvviso, perché sappiamo come e dove andare a ricercare la giusta soluzione.

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My work is dedicated to Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and all those work in the travel industry and wish to get value for money from a beautiful territory like Cilento, too often mistreated by the same local operators.

Sometimes a trip doesn’t respect the plans and wishes of whom organizes it: small or big inconveniences and issues are hidden in-between the pages of the book the traveler is ready to browse. The tourist is too often left to face operators whom are moved only by pure profit, offering a less-than-decent product sold at premium rate. It’s more than 10 years that I, after a lifelong career managing hotels, in partnership with few selected and equally expert and talented local operators which share my same vision of hospitality, have to pleasure to offer the necessary support to make the visit of Cilento an unforgettable experience to all the visitors which are eager to spend time in this wonderful territory. As I often say, I am “between demand and offer and cleans the path off for tourists to let the road be easier to drive through”. My hope is, before planning a DIY vacation to Cilento, visitors will feel the curiosity and need to get more infos about where to go and what to do, to avoid any inconvenience and let them enjoy the huge variety and value of the touristic offer of a unique territory as Cilento is. We will always be side by side with whoever wants to live a serene vacation.

We follow the visitor in every step, ready to help for every occasion and solve any last-minute issue might happen, thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the territory. The idea of the tourist as a “cash-cow to milk” is far away from ours, that sees the visitors as a resource for the territory and a mean of promotion for the same, once back home. The local operator which doesn’t share our same vision cannot be ever part of our project of sustaining the local communities. Our work does NOT increase your costs, instead it gives more value to the experience. Feel free to contact us for: suggestions and tips on your next holiday plan, and for more details about the activities you plan in Cilento. We are sure our assistance will fulfill your needs.

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